It’s been long the subject of an optimal human-machine communication rightly came into focus. A machine is only as good as it can be operated.

Moreover operators of welding machines should have primarily welding knowledge over programmatic knowledge.

All the more, it is up to the task of welding machine manufacturer to take this into account and to keep the operation of the welding equipment as simple as possible.

This means to avoid special training as a programmer and utilize knowledge as a welder.

We accept these demands and design our user interfaces accordingly user-friendly.

In addition, we prefer to use “talking” smart system components that are connected via bus system to the master controller, to other system components, to a higher level server and the internet.

The Internet of Things: Industry 4.0. We’ll be there!


By new developments we remain always a step ahead. According to this principle we develop and manufacture automatic welding machines, welding devices and welding systems. So the maximum customer service is always in the focus of our activities.


Highest quality controls at every step of procedure and a final inspection in our plant provide us and our customers security. In the same way we support our customers over the entire life cycle of the bought machine.

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